Lana @ work





A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. – Coco Chanel

Lana specializes in transforming ladies' hair & make-up. That is her ultimate goal! To enhance your natural beauty with a stunning hairstyle!


Lana loved to cut and style her dolls' hair when she was a little girl and made sure she followed the correct career path to become one of South Africa's best hairdressers! She started working as a hair dresser when she was still young and worked herself up to a successful professional Transformation Specialist. Her before & after pics are evidence.


Your hair is often what people notice first about you, and following that your smile, which will be all the brighter if you’re feeling good about your hair and overall appearance that day. The cut, colour and style of a woman’s hair can speak volumes about the woman wearing it. 


Your hair is your daily boost of confidence, a way to accessorize any outfit and an expression of your personality. Which is why it’s so important to protect your crowning glory and keep it looking gorgeous every single day. From the roots to the ends, nourishing your hair is as important as nourishing your body. From a Cleansing Conditioner to a serum for split ends, caring for your hair from root to tip is, perhaps, the most important step in your beauty routine.

Lana's stusio is located in Hartbeespoort in the North West. She and her assistant will treat and spoil you from the moment you step inside. You will feel special and important as well as relaxed as Lana will do a full analysis on your hair by asking questions and learn more about you. What kind of job you do, your lifestyle, time you have to style your hair etc.

From there she will recommend a new hair colour and hairstyle that will suit you perfectly! You will feel a million dollars the moment you see your new hair in the mirror!