Make-up with Lana


Lost when it comes to make-up?


Special lady, we got you. Lana will teach you how to do make-up when you book your make-over.

Lana's make-up advice are for people who want to apply their make-up better. Internet tutorials are often hard to follow. Lana is impartial and unbiased, and provide easy to follow make-up advice and tips. She'll teach practical skills and concepts to use in make-up application every day.

Her fun, practical and easy to follow make-up advice will teach you how to do your makeup flawlessly. Develop new skills and confidence applying your makeup, and have a better understanding of what colours and styles actually suit you.

If you're tired of wasting money on products that don't work for you, and feel like you never quite achieve the look you were going for, Lana is here to help! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a beauty guru, learn how to do makeup at home with our range of courses that cater to all skill levels.

So, make your make-over booking today! You will love every moment of it!