Lana, Makeup & Hair

Lana specializes in cutting, colouring and styling hair in order to enhance or maintain a person's appearance. Lana has proved to be one of South Africa's best and her make-overs prove that she walks the extra mile with each and every client walking into her salon. 

Lana addresses all things related to her clients' appearance, styling, and grooming of their hair. She listens to her clients, and make sure they have a clear understanding and expectation of the desired results. Lana visualizes "the look" and will take your personality, career and time available in mind.


She is an expert in the area of hair care and also sells products that she is knowledgeable about and would like to recommend to her clients. 




"Thank you Sooo much for your time and talent. I feel like a new person after my makeover. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to awaken a different side of their beauty."

| Roeline van Eck |



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